Why Milk Video

Learn why enterprises like VMware, Bloomberg, and Autodesk choose Milk Video for repurposing video.

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Reimagine video creation


Create video collaboratively

Align the entire content delivery process around feedback collected and iterative production.


Standardize brand designs

Empower anyone to produce video with confidence in brand governance.


Accelerate iteration cycles

Start making content in the browser, where its shared by default and easy to update.

Video at any scale

Milk Video renders videos for customers around the world every day and provides critical creative infrastructure for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Video quality
Frames Per Second
Cloud rendered

Our platform


Made for your tools

Brand governance

Increase content frequency



Our browser based architecture ensures videos can be made anywhere and rendered, regardless of your computer.

High avaliability

Have peace of mind your video will be served anywhere. Our CDN for video streaming is shared by top video streaming services.


Choose how your want your videos rendered, with the ability to have up to 4k and 60fps video.

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Accelerate your video strategy

With Milk Video

Without Milk Video

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"We had a major announcement that we recorded through Google Hangouts, and Milk Video transformed it into a professional video that we were proud to share across our networks."
Raleigh NContent Manager

Discover how to create video faster with less bottlenecks.

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The best webinar video editor

Milk Video is the fastest tool for editing speech and presentation heavy video content

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