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"This used to take me 8 hours. We get all our content from live classes, webinars, and user testimonials. I'm using Milk to create Facebook video ads, YouTube shorts, Instagram videos."

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Koby CHead of Growth

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How video repurposing works

Leading teams use Milk Video’s video platform to save time and get value from video content faster. By moving videos into Milk Video, speech is transcribed and you can search, manage, and share content faster. Get valuable feedback, and iterate confidently.

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Core features

Create, share and manage content.

  • 1. Create highlights

    Clip, caption, and share designed video highlights at any scale.

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  • 2. Share content

  • 3. Manage assets

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Why Milk Video?


Create video collaboratively

Align the entire content delivery process around feedback collected and iterative production.


Standardize brand designs

Empower anyone to produce video with confidence in brand governance.


Accelerate iteration cycles

Start making content in the browser, where its shared by default and easy to update.

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"We had a major announcement that we recorded through Google Hangouts, and Milk Video transformed it into a professional video that we were proud to share across our networks."
Raleigh NContent Manager

Discover how to create video faster with less bottlenecks.

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The best webinar video editor

Milk Video is the fastest tool for editing speech and presentation heavy video content

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