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Repurposing Virtual Events

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What is repurposing content?

Repurposing content gives you access to more people with less work, so you can accomplish your goals, make lasting impact, and product content intentionally.

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Repuposing content

Repurposing content is a new practice of content creation rooted in increasing impact with less time. It provides a repeatable framework for increasing content impact, iterative message testing, and experimentation, enabling teams to use content on a massive scale across a variety of use cases.

Repurposing content, or platform management, is a key driver of modern communication practices such as content marketing, product sales, and education. Teams that repurpose content increase productivity, maintain high customer presence, and continuously outperform competitors.

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Video repurposing platform

Video repurposing is taking a long piece of video content and finding the key moments that can be circulated in isolate. The practice has been hard until recently due to the nature of editing video content and the special software involved. Video content has been repurposed for decades. But historically, the practice has been confined to professionals with special tools and hardware.

Such an approach, while easy to manage, limits the throughput and number of parties that canbe involved. Using a video repurposing platform across several teams, on the other hand, is much harder but yields the greatest rewards. Video repurposing platforms makes this high-yield approach possible.

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"Milk Video has allowed us to publish multiple videos a week. Ultimately, we’ve increased brand awareness in a congested market. We’re doing something at speed and scale, that our competitors cannot do."

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Tom WGrowth Manager

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How it works.

Milk Video transcribes spoken text and provides a video editing interface based on the text captions. We map the timestamps of the spoken words, so all you have to do is click and select the corresponding text.

Upload any video

Upload any video

Upload any video recording. Milk Videos helps manage unfamiliar videos by automatically transcribing content and making it searchable.
Clip content easily

Clip content easily

Open any video and clip the section you want, using a timeline or transcript. Organize clips with labels for others to find.
Stitch and share

Stitch and share

Create a engaging video highlight with title slides and multiple clips. Turn a clip into a scene and add titles, captions, or logos.
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"We had a major announcement that we recorded through Google Hangouts, and Milk Video transformed it into a professional video that we were proud to share across our networks."
Raleigh NContent Manager

Discover how to create video faster with less bottlenecks.

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