In-house vs. outsourcing your video content

Content distribution like a media company.

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Things to consider





Time, money, and energy


Your team can focus your resources directly toward iterative content experiments and improving messaging. Rather than wasting cycles on back-and-forth externally, quick turnarounds can take place.


External vendors are expensive or incompetent. Finding work on temporary contracting services like Upwork result in poor communication and project hang-up due to small changes.

Platform overview

"Milk Video has allowed us to publish multiple videos a week. Ultimately, we’ve increased brand awareness in a congested market. We’re doing something at speed and scale, that our competitors cannot do."

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Tom WGrowth Manager

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Milk Video repurposing platform

Upload files, clip content, and share designed clips in minutes.

Intuitive dashboard

An interface that empowers video creators and non-designers alike.

Build for speed

Upload your recordings and have clips ready in minutes.


Connect Zoom or other video platforms to power your creator workflow.

Admin controls

Full control around publishing access and privacy

Experiment & analysis

Optimized for iterating quickly with built-in analytics and export.


Streaming architecture shared by the top video streaming companies in the world.


Automated transcripts provide accessibility and instant search ability.


Video content production is not longer dependent on special hardware or software.

Design templates

Anyone can produce content your company will be proud to share.

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"We had a major announcement that we recorded through Google Hangouts, and Milk Video transformed it into a professional video that we were proud to share across our networks."
Raleigh NContent Manager

Discover how to create video faster with less bottlenecks.

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The best webinar video editor

Milk Video is the fastest tool for editing speech and presentation heavy video content

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