How Milk Video works.

1. Send a link for customers to record

1. Send a link for customers to record

Choose your questions and send them to your customers to record their individual responses.
2. Edit the raw footage within minutes

2. Edit the raw footage within minutes

Edit your videos in Milk by taking advantage of our video templates and powerful design editor.
3. Distribute across all platforms with ease

3. Distribute across all platforms with ease

Create multiple variations of your videos (eg audiogram) to test visuals or to simply size appropriately for all social channels.

How to edit video

Edit at the speed of reading

End the days of listening through entire videos. Now you can skim automatically generated transcripts for webinars and presentations, and speed up editing.

How to design

Use pre-made templates

Stop bottlenecking video work on one person. In Milk Video, anyone can create professional looking content with templates. Simply pick a clip, change titles, and add your logo.

#1 tool for repurposing
Zoom and webinar recordings

Create highlight reels

Make videos like a presentation

No more complicated video editing tools. In Milk Video, making a video is like making a Powerpoint presentation. Add title slides, intro or outro sections, as easily as adding another slide.

Milk Video enables leaders

See what others are doing with Milk Video in marketing, sales, team leadership, engineering, product and more.

Growth leaders

When faced with the time pressures of a startup, you face too many demands and too few people. Being efficient ahd effective is crucial.

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This used to take me 8 hours. We get all our content from live classes, webinars, and user testimonials. I'm using Milk to create Facebook video ads, YouTube shorts, Instagram videos.

Koby C
Head of Growth at Rupa Health

Marketing leaders

You prepared weeks for a virtual event and then half of the registered people missed it. Breath life into your event recordings and use the most memorable parts.

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We had a major announcement that we recorded through Google Hangouts, and Milk Video transformed it into a professional video that we were proud to share across our networks.

Raleigh N
Content Manager at Common

Sales leaders

Personalize your outreach with a client specific introduction to preface you quality product demo recordings. Record once and reuse everytime.

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Milk Video has allowed us to publish multiple videos a week. Ultimately, we’ve increased brand awareness in a congested market. We’re doing something at speed and scale, that our competitors cannot do.

Tom W
Growth Manager at Go1

The best webinar video editor

Milk Video is the fastest tool for editing speech and presentation heavy video content

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